Condolence & Memory Journal

At the peak of my fondest memories, from the earliest stages of my life, are the founding lessons taught me by my wonderful brother Henry Allen Lee. He was and still is my hero! Although I never fully recovered from the devastating surprise and upset of Henry falling ill at such an early age; my response and resolve was to carry on and still precedent what I believed would have been his footsteps. Ever since when facing dilemma, I often asked myself what would Henry have done in this circumstance? I have always felt like I knew him like I knew myself. In fact, I felt like he was me, or at least who I wanted to be. Even though Henry has passed over this world now, long as I sojourn here, I will cherish the memory of his difficult journey, his fearless struggle, his bold perseverance; and try to be the man I believe he would be.
Peace forever be upon him (wherever he may be now), the Mercy of Allah and His blessings! Amen!

Posted by Bernard Miller Lee, Jr. - Houston, TX - Brother   January 26, 2021